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Privacy Consent - For the collection and use of my personal information by Energy Safety Canada.
Energy Safety Canada uses the personal information of the students in its courses for the following purposes:

  • Granting student certification upon successful completion of a course.
  • Determining eligibility and suitability for registration.
  • Processing student enrolment.
  • Monitoring student academic progress.
  • Issuing student credential cards to evidence course certifications.
  • Managing ongoing student status as a current or former student.
  • Maintaining contact for purposes of course and program administration and opportunities.
  • Mitigating duplicate training.
  • Providing course certification information to industry employers.
  • Preventing fraud.

Students can obtain further information regarding our privacy practices by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer at

I hereby consent to the collection and use of my personal information by Energy Safety Canada for the purposes described to me in this document.This consent includes allowing Energy Safety Canada to obtain a photograph of me for purposes of issuing a student credential card with my photograph.This consent also includes disclosure of my active student certification status (name and successful course completion only, no grade or other academic information) to industry employers or prospective employers.

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